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TS-65/10 - Thermal cut-out thermostat

Terminals 6.2 x 0.8 mm; Housing thermosetting plastic 12 mm; Moving bracket small; cap aluminum
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Version: normally closed
Rated current @ 250 V AC: 10 A
Temperature (Ta): 65 °C
Tolerance: +/- 3 °C
Contact resistance: <30 mohms
Hysteresis / reset temperature: Ta-10°C+/-4°C
Degrees of protection provided by enclosures: IP00
With this thermal cut-out thermostat it is possible to protect power amplifiers against damages caused by overheating. The hysteresis allows the amplifier to cool down and prevents switching on / off in short time intervals.
The thermal cut-out thermostat can be implemented in the line voltage or in the supply voltage of the amplifier optionally.