FAQ MKU UP 2424 B and MKU LNC 10 QO-100

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What is the different between MKU UP 2424 A and MKU UP 2424 B?

Please note that the Up Converter module MKU UP 2424 A is no longer available.We have a new model MKU UP 2424 B with great enhanced features:
  • includes additional module for optimized frequency generation
  • synchronization by external 10 MHz-reference signal ( SMA-connector )
  • enhanced frequency stability (+/- 0.5 ppm between 0°C and 60°C )
  • various IF-frequencies in 2m-  and 70cm ham radio bands


Has the MKU UP 2424 B a 10 MHz reference input?

As requested by many users of QO-100 the new MKU UP 2424 B  will come up with a 10 MHz reference input to synchronize the LO frequency

Is it possible to reduce the power with the gain control on the back of the MKU UP 2424 B?

You can use the Gain control to adjust the output power. With a 144 MHz input power of approx. 500mW, the 2.4 GHz output power is approx. 400 - 500mW.

How to connect the duo-band feed DJ7GP with the MKU LNC 10 QO-100 and the MKU UP 2424 B?

Please attach the MKULNC10QO-100 as close as possible to the duo-band feed of DJ7GP. The connection is best with using a piece of semi-rigid cable that is as short as possible and has an SMA connector on both sides.
For connection to our LNC, please use an SMA connector male, on the opposite side the suitable counterpart to the duo-band feed.
Please make sure to use a high-quality semi-rigid cable and connector, otherwise the sensitivity of the LNC suffers.
From the LNC output, you can pull the satellite cable into your shack then.

Please note that a 50 Ohm coaxial cable must be used for the MKUUP2424B, SAT cable is not suitable for this purpose. Good coax cables would be, for example, ECOFLEX 10 or ECOFLEX 15 to keep the attenuation from the shack to the antenna low.

What program should I use for connection of the MKU UP 2424 B and the Computer?

We recommand to use "HTERM" but other programs should also work.
For a detailed description please have a look in the manual of MKU UP 2424 B.

MKU UP 2424 B: Is there any kind of protection in case of overdriving power ?

Please note there is no protection against high power. Please always keep input power max. 5W. Protection circuitry
against bad VSWR ( e.g. antenna ) and overtemperature are integrated in the up-converter.

Is the MKU UP 2424 B also available in a waterproof case?

We did not plan to build a weatherproof case for the Up converter.
The first tests with Es'Hailsat have shown that it is possible to have good signals with 10W transmission power. The up converter makes 20W, so you might want to consider installing the up converter under roof, and to connect with the antenna with a good coax cable.

MKU UP 2424 B: Where can I find details about the remote controll?

All commands can be found in the manual on the article card under the "Download" tab

Assignment of the SUB-D cable

White = PTT IN
Brown = GROUND

Factory setting Oscillator

2256 MHz (144 MHz IF)

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