KU LS2 PWM, Lüftersteuerung
KU LS2 PWM, Lüftersteuerung KU LS2 PWM, Schaltplan

KU LS2 PWM, Fan controller

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PWM Frequencytyp. 18 kHz
Power Ratingmax. 3.0 A
Supply voltage+12 ... 28 V DC
Current consumption (standby)typ. 20 mA
Alarm outputmax. 30 mA
ConnectorsSolder pads
Dimensions55 x 30 x 10
Weighttyp. 15 g
The Universal PWM Fan Controller KU LS2 PWM is designed for professional and semi-professional applications. It controls the power / speed of the fans in accordance to the measured temperature. Multiple fans of the same type can be used in parallel. The digital temperature sensor works with a precision of +/- 1 °C and can be operated remotely. The fans are controlled by a pulse width modulation (PWM) with a switching frequency of typ. 18 kHz. Most off-the-shelf fans (incl. those with integrated electronic circuitry) in the supply voltage range of 12 ... 28 V DC can be used. Please notice the specifications of the fan manufacturer!
  • Easy integration and wiring due to the compact design
  • High efficiency (no linear voltage regulator - not additional heat)
  • Energy saving with power management
  • Direct temperature monitoring and exact switching points
  • Two alarm output in case of temperature excess (55°C/65°C)
  • Reduction of noise disturbance