MKU PA 6MM - 1W B, Leistungsverstärker
MKU PA 6MM - 1W B, Leistungsverstärker MKU PA 6MM - 1W B, Leistungsverstärker

MKU PA 6mm - 1W B - Power Amplifier

Now available: New 47 GHz Power Amplifier

47088 … 47090 MHz
Power Amplifier for the Amateur Radio Band 6 mm

net: 998,32
incl. 19% Vat. plus shipping
Lead time on request
Frequency range47088..47090 MHz
Maximum input power100 mW
Saturation powertyp. 300 mW
Gain (small signal)min. 12 dB
Supply voltage+9 ... 14 V DC
Current consumptionmax. 1.6 A (@ 12 V DC)
Operating case temp. range-20 ... +55 °C
Input connector / impedanceWaveguide R500 / WR19 / WG24
Output connector / impedanceHohlleiter R500 / WR19 / WG24
Casemilled aluminium / brass
Dimensions (mm)50 x 30 x 20
Weight100 g (typ.)
This power amplifier for 47 GHz is based on pHEMT technology. The waveguide output is coupled directly to the internal PCB for minimum losses. All internal bias voltages are generated from a single 12 V supply voltage, which is used efficiently by means of a switching regulator. Also, there is an over temperature shutdown implemented. Due to its small mechanical dimensions, this module can be used together with our transverter MKU 47 G2 for building a very compact 47 GHz station.
  • GaAs-FET technology
  • Milled aluminum case
  • Small mechanical dimensions
  • Over temperature shutdownUncalibrated monitor voltage
  • Amateur Radio Band 6 mm
Please notice the following:
  • The technical specifications refer to room temperature.
  • The recommended combination of heat sink and fan(s) is only specified for an ambient temperature of 25 °C.
  • Further information about dimensioning of heat sinks is available on our FAQ site.
  • PA is not supposed to be used as RX/TX change-over amplifier