VAM1081 - Zirkulator
VAM1081 - Zirkulator Datenblatt

VAM 1081, Circulator

Circulator as a protection in case of bad antenna matching
1250 ... 1300 MHz

net: 277,31
incl. 16% Vat. plus shipping
Lead time on request
Frequency range1250..1300 MHz
Isolation23 dB (min.)
Insertion loss0.30 dB (max.)
Power500 W (max.) (CW)
Operating temperature-20 ... +70 ¬įC
Connectors3x N-female
Dimensions (mm)52 x 49 x 27
To protect a power amplifier in case of bad antenna matching the use of a circulator is recommended. This item conducts the reflected power into an external terminating resistor where it is absorbed. Therefore the power amplifier is protected well because the output stage is always matched correctly.
Possible reasons for bad matching
  • Antenna cable with unknown impedance
  • Antenna cabel with shorts and gaps
  • Antenna cable with damaged shielding (water intake)
  • Coaxial connectors of poor quality
  • Coaxial connectors with badly soldered inner conductor
  • Coaxial connectors with badly screwed shielding
  • Antenna relays with bad electrical contact
  • Antenna relays that are not suitable for the operating frequency or power
  • Antenna relays that are not operated with a sequence controller
  • Antennas with bad SWR
  • Antennas with bad SWR because of environmental inluences (e.g. rain, snow, ice)