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Transverterinterface for IC7300 KIT

Transverter Interface for the IC7300 SDR Transceiver
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Since the transceiver IC7300 has no transverter output, a small PCB has been developed to allow the connection of a transverter.

The circuit described here is intended for installation in the transceiver. In this case, the connector strip on the rear wall, which is intended for the connection of an external tuner, is banned in the interior and the interface circuit board is installed in its place. The circuit separates the RF connection in the transceiver between the RF PCB and the PA PCB in transverter mode and allows the connection of a transverter. The transverter module is activated by feeding in + 12V via the TRX-IN input. Now the transmit signal (about 0.3 mW) on the TX-OUT socket and the receiver input on the RX-IN socket are available. The built-in shortwave PA of the transceiver is terminated with 47 OHM in the input. A further deactivation of the PA is not provided, since otherwise interventions in the transceiver are necessary, which exclude a possible warranty service of the manufacturer.

The printed circuit board is made of 1.5 mm thick epoxy material and is simply installed in the position shown in the photo. On the bottomside of the board two short pieces of 35 ohm 3.6 mm semi-rigid cables are soldered, which have the correct dimensions to fit into the sockets of the RF-UNIT of the transceiver. These short lengths of cable should be adjusted in length and orientation to the sockets. The center conductors should be sharpened with the file. This facilitates the insertion into the sockets on the circuit board.

The construction, as well as the installation of the PCB should be done with a practiced and careful hand!
Please note: The installation is at your own risk.
1 PCB                                   
2 Relais G5K-2F-12V                     
2 Diode LL4148                             
1 resistor 47 Ohm 1206       
3 female connector Cinch RCA                    
1 distance sleeve                                
2 female connector TMP-V                          
2 cable SM141-35 Ohm