MKU 13 G3 28, 23 cm Transverter
MKU 13 G3 28, 23 cm Transverter MKU 13 G3 28 - offen 1 MKU 13 G3 28 - offen 2 MKU 13 G3 28 - Block MKU 13 G3 28 - diagramm

MKU 13 G3 28, 23 cm Transverter

1269 ... 1298 MHz
net: 357,14
incl. 19% Vat. plus shipping
Available from stock
RF range1296 ... 1298 MHz
IF range28 ... 30 MHz
IF input power0.5 ... 5 W, adjustable
LO accuracy @ 18 °Ctyp. +/- 2 ppm, max. +/- 3 ppm (without ext. ref.)
LO frequency stability (0 ... +40 °C)typ. +/- 2 ppm, max. +/- 3 ppm (without ext. Ref.)
Output powertyp. 2.5 W
RX gainmin. 20 dB
Noise figure @ 18 °Cmax. 0.8 dB
External reference input10 MHz / 2 ... 10 mW (sine or square wave)
Reference input connectorSMA-female, 50 ohms
PTT controlcontact closure to ground or +12 V on the IF-cable
Supply voltage+13.8 V DC (+12 ... 14 V DC)
Current consumptiontyp. 1 A (TX)
CaseGerman silver
Dimensions (mm)111 x 55 x 30
IF connectors / impedanceSMA-female, 50 Ohms
RF connectors / impedanceSMA-female, 50 ohms
Weight320 g (typ.)
Now, an external 10 MHz reference frequency can be connected to achieve highest frequency accuracy. This is necessary for EME, WSJT and Tropo DX. The frequency of 10 MHz can be supplied by a highly stable OCXO, a reference oscillator of a frequency counter, a rubidium frequency standard or a GPS controlled frequency source.
If a 10 MHz reference frequency is not available, the internal crystal oscillator of the transverter can be used. This crystal oscillator is frequency stabilized by our 40 °C precision crystal heater QH40A.

A bigger attenuator at the IF input port allows an input power of up to 5 watts. Great large signal performance is achieved by the use of a high-level ring mixer. Self-resettable polyfuses prevent damages of the transverter module, especially if it is used in a portable station. Of course, all the well-tried functions of the old transverter version are kept in the new design!

The small mechanical dimensions of the transverter, which is designed in SMD technology, allow the construction of a small portable station as well as a powerful home station.
New features of the transverter MKU 13 G3 28

  • Additional input for 10 MHz reference frequency
  • Internal stabilized oscillator with precision crystal heater (can be used instead of 10 MHz reference frequency)
  • High Level Ringmixer with an IP3 of +25 dBm
  • Higher output power
  • Bigger attenuator at the IF input for input power up to 5 watts
  • Fuses are self-resettable (polyfuses)

Well-tried functions and features - based on MKU 13 G2 28

  • Super low noise converter in the receive path
  • Transmit gain and receive gain separately adjustable
  • Control output for additional amplifier stages or a coaxial relay
  • PTT can be switched by voltage on the IF connector or by connecting the PTT pin to ground
  • Detector output (DC voltage) for monitoring the output power
As a 10 MHz frequency source we recommend the 10 MHz GPS-Frequency Standard by ID Elektronik, DK2DB
- 10 MHz GPS-Frequency Standard (ID Elektronik, DK2DB)
This transverter module required an external filter for image rejection.

Further information about supply and construction is included in these files:
  • Information Interdigitalfilter (click downloads)
  • Filter for 1296 MHz by DL3NQ (click downloads)