Low Noise Amplifiers

Low Noise Amplifiers for Radio Amateurs

Our Low Noise Preamplifiers are remarkable for extremely low noise, excellent SWR, high efficiency and a high IP3. The Low Noise amplifiers are especially selective and absolute stable therefore oscillation is avoided. Even if you have a bad SWR. This is the reason why radio amateurs and club-stations all around the world trust in Kuhne electronic equipment. The products are perfect for use in contests, EME, MeteorScatter, Aurora and Tropo DX. Small mechanical measurements and technical innovations from the professional sector, e. g. milled aluminium cases, enable high temperature stability and tower mounting. Numerous contest victories, records and first contacts with a country were and are achieved with Kuhne products. Don’t compromise and get technology from Kuhne electronic!
Noise figure @ 18 °C
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