TR 144 - PRO
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TR 144 - PRO, Transverter

The latest product of our transverter family is the TR144 PRO for the 2m band

Over 25 years of experience in development of new transverter technologies led to this masterpiece of VHF technology.
Implementing technological innovations and expertise in a timely manner and combining them into a state-of-the-art product is a thing we have succeeded in doing in a very impressive way.
It's a challenge for us to extend the limits of what is technically feasible and to put this into our products. Ranking first worldwide and improving our products continously are a matter of course for us.


144 ... 146 MHz
Transverter for 2m

net: 1.323,53
incl. 19% Vat. plus shipping
Lead time on request
RF range144 ... 146 MHz
IF range28 ... 30 MHz
IF input power1 ... 50 mW / 60 ... 1000 µW switchable
LO accuracy @ 18 °Ctyp. +/- 0.5 ppm (without ext. ref.)
LO frequency stability (-5 ... +55 °C)typ. +/- 0.5 ppm (without ext. ref.)
Output power25 W
IM3 of output signaltyp. 36 dBc @ 20 W PEP
RX gaintyp. 25 dB
Noise figure @ 18 °Ctyp. 1.4 dB, max. 1.6 dB
RX output IP3typ. +38 dBm
IM-dynamicmin. 102,5 dB SFDR @ 3 kHz BW
Blockingmin. -106 dBc @ 3 kHz BW
Image rejectiontyp. 90 dB
External reference input10 MHz / 2 ... 10 mW (sine or square wave)
Reference input connectorBNC-female, 50 ohms
PTT controlContact closure to ground
Supply voltage+13.8 V DC (+12 ... 14 V DC)
Current consumptiontyp. 6 A (TX)
Dimensions (mm)270 x 260 x 80
IF connectors / impedanceBNC-female, 50 ohms (sep. / com. switchable)
RF connectors / impedanceN-female, 50 Ohm (separate RX/TX connectors)
DC-supply and control connectorSUB-D 9-pole
Well-equipped RF transceivers are now widespread and offer a performance that can hardly be compared to what VHF / UHF or SHF come with. For that reason, transverter setups are well established in professional and semi professional field to achieve a optimal combination of outstanding parameters, such as very high reception dynamic, and comfort of use. So it’s possible to set up a high-performance station, adapted to the individual requirements. These advantages are already used by many contest and EME stations as well as radio services.

The Linear Transverter TR 144 - PRO is the youngest transverter of our TR-family and satisfies many criteria so that it’s not necessary to open and reconfigure the interior anymore. Due to the many years of experience and a lot of information from our customers we have decided to revise the proven TR 144 H +40 completely and implement some very frequently requested features. The revision of the TR 144 - PRO was focused on operational reliability thus creating an all-rounder with above-average performance. A new inserted LO + / - 0.5 ppm, a 2nd RX IF jack and the possibility to use a dual antenna system are part of the functionality and to work with the proven a 10 MHz reference.

The Circuit design of the new transverter TR144 -PRO is based on long-term experience of its predecessors TR144H + 40 and TR144H. The basic concept has been retained, the panel adapted to the new requirements and  the individual components redeveloped. Aim was to adapt TR144-PRO for most popular HF-Transceiver with just a few configuration steps and thereby be useful and  universal.

For example, the very robust input stage with appropriate mixers was kept but supplemented by a new IF amplifier. The power amplifier is a new development and provides a better IM3 at the same output power and almost the same efficiency. More new features are remote controlling via a serial interface, the configuration using two buttons and the output of all important data on an easy-to-read display. Due to modern processor technology it’s possible to expand and add new features of the TR144-PRO by an easy-to-realize firmware upgrade.
New features
  • Status readout with an easy-to-read LCD-Display
  • New Local-Oscillator with VCTCXO and +/- 0.5 ppm stability and  phasenoise better than -155 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz
  • Output from Local oscillator for a second converter or synchro receiver or predistortion downconverter on software defined radios
  • Second independent IF Receiver port to connect a second receiver such as Spectrum readout, SDR receiver or a „sun and moon noise meter“
  • Two equivalent HF-Antenna ports free configurable as receiver port  or transmit port or two independent antenna systems
  • Monitored power amplifier with several protection circuits
  • A lot of possibilities to configure the transverter for the most popular HF-transceivers
  • Free configurable delay time of the internal sequence generator and open drain outputs for maximum flexibility
  • Possibility to control the transverter with serial interface direct with PC (not RS232)
  • Internal Blower now temperatur-controlled
Well-tried functions and features
  • Input for external reference frequency for synchronizing to 10 MHz source and automatic changeover if an adequate power level is detected
  • The internal antenna relay provide an Isolation of typical 70 dB
  • Intermodulation >35 dBc @ 20 W PEP by new designed RF power amplifier with newest LDMOS technology
  • Infinitely variable transmit gain adjustment on front panel
  • Spurious rejection is better than 60 dBc, achieved by using an 5th order low pass
  • Usable for all modes like SSB, PSK, FM and many more
  • Low noise preamplifier with typical 0.9 dB NF and an OIP3 of about 40 dBm
Accessories: DC-Power cable und quick manual