MKU PA 3CM-4W A, GaAs-FET Leistungsverstärker

MKU PA 3CM-4W A, GaAs-FET Power Amplifier

10300 ... 10400 MHz • 4 W
Power Amplifier for the Amateur Radio Band 3 cm



Frequency range10300..10400 MHz
Input powertyp. 200 mW
Maximum input power300 mW
Saturation powermin. 5 W
Gain (small signal)typ. 14 dB
Harmonic rejection typ. 50 dB
Supply voltage+12 ... 14 V DC
Current consumptiontyp. 2 A
Operating case temp. range-20 ... +55 °C
VSWR of loadmax. 1.8 : 1
Input connector / impedanceSMA-female / 50 ohms
Output connector / impedanceSMA-female / 50 ohms
Casemilled aluminium
Dimensions (mm)70 x 45 x 22
Weight120 g (typ.)
  • GaAs FET technology
  • High linearity (class A operation)
  • Detector output (DC voltage) for monitoring forward output power
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Small mechanical dimensions
  • Analog and digital transmission systems
Please notice the following:
  • The technical specifications refer to room temperature.
  • The power amplifier doesn’t contain any coaxial relays.
  • The recommended combination of heat sink and fan(s) is only specified for an ambient temperature of 25 °C.
  • Further information about dimensioning of heat sinks is available on our FAQ site.
Our power amplifiers of the MKU-series are exclusively intended for amateur radio applications and will only be sold to radio amateurs with a licence. These products are specified for amateur radio requirements and are not designed for industrial applications. Please notice our list of industrial products or ask for a special version.