KU LNC 8085 C PRO 2

KU LNC 8085 C PRO2, Low Noise Converter

Converter for Deep Space Communication with 10 MHz reference input

Finally available:
The X-Band Super Low Noise Converter KU LNC 8085 C PRO2 with 10 MHz reference input.
For an improved Deep Space Communications application!
net: 486,55
incl. 19% Vat. plus shipping
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Frequency range (RF)8000..8500 MHz
Maximum input power1 mW (0dBm)
Frequency range (IF)200..1300 MHz
Noise figure @ 18 °Ctyp. 0.8 dB, max. 1.0 dB
Gain @ 25 °Ctyp. 50 dB (high gain), typ. 37 dB (low gain)
Output IP320 dBm
LO frequency7200 MHz, 7400 MHz, 7600 MHz, 7800 MHz
LO accuracy @ 18 °C1 kHz
LO frequency stability0.5 ppm
Phase noise @ 1 kHztyp. -90 dBc/Hz
Phase noise @ 10 kHz-94 dBc/Hz
Phase noise @ 100 kHztyp. -105 dBc/Hz
External reference input10 MHz / 2 ... 10 mW
Supply voltage+9 ... +36 V DC
Current consumptiontyp. 250 mA @ 12V DC
Maximum case temperature+55 °C
Input connector / impedanceSMA-female, 50 ohms
Output connector / impedanceSMA-female, 50 ohms
Casemilled aluminium, IP43
Dimensions (mm)82 x 64 x 22
Weight230 g
Remote power supply via IFyes
The LNC 8085 C PRO2 converts the HF range of 8 ... 8.5 GHz into the IF range of 200 ... 1300 MHz.

Four LO frequencies 7200/7400/7600/7800 MHz are permanently stored. In addition, you can control your individual IF range with a LO frequency programmable in 10 MHz steps. The possibility of connecting a 10 MHz reference source also makes it possible for the first time to ensure frequency stability for long-term applications.

Two gain levels can be set: In addition to the low gain stage of typ. 37 dB, a high gain stage of typ. 50 dB is integrated especially for Deep Space users.

The robust and weatherproof design stands for the high-quality workmanship of Kuhne electronic.
  • Low noise figure
  • Wide bandwidth
  • Low phase noise
  • High frequency stability of the oscillator due to 10 MHz reference input
  • High linearity
  • Antenna connection protected against static charging
  • Easy mast mounting due to light and compact design
  • Three-colour LED indicates unit status and gain mode setting
  • Gain mode setting
  • Overvoltage protection and reverse polarity protection - Remote power supply via output connector
  • Deep Space Communications
The total gain of pre-amplifier + attenuator + converter should not exceed 60 dB.